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This actually happened on the hardwood floor restoration job I did about a month ago, but I didn't wanna start some cry-baby post about having my trailer with all my tools stolen. After realizing all I could've done which would've made my life easier, I figured I'd post it and hope that someone could learn from my mistakes. First, a quick back-story...We were working double-time to get in & out before homeowner moved in, so 8am-2am was the typical day. Finally decided to drop the trailer at the house, since lugging that thing back home at the end of a long day seemed a bit too much. Anyways, the day after Easter, I get there and the trailer is gone. I bought it new about 1.5 yrs ago and had just finally got it the way I wanted it. I had all the fancy locks on the doors, the extra cam bars, the beefy hitch locks, etc. So now, I'm left trying to find time to reconcile everything in the trailer, then finding the receipts. Since I was doing a fair amount of carpentry at the job, the list of little specialty tools is overwhelming. THE TAKEAWAY... This last winter, I told myself I'd go through the shop, vans and trailer to not only put an identifiable marking on all my big-ticket tools & equipment, but also list the serial #'s and take pics & videos. I never did it. It would've saved me countless hours I can't afford to spend now, with jobs backing up and many calls for new work coming in. Take the time to document what you have. Put identifiable markings on them in plain sight and in areas which are hidden. This way, if it's stolen, the thief may obscure the obvious high-vis mark, and may even file the serial #'s off, but you'd still have that one hidden mark as the ultimate identifier. Document your tools and equipment, take pics and video. Don't put it off any longer.
Category: Painter Post By: CHRISTINA HOWARD (Union City, CA), 07/06/2019

Well that really sucks.

- Timothy Gob (Lehigh, PA), 08/06/2019

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