Glass U-values – what are they?

Top 10 Painting inspection contractors - Repair DIY Message Board - . Glassprimer™ glass paint is highly UV-resistant, which means that it can block the transmission of UV light waves, which tend to cause colors to fade, and can help reduce solar heat gain by reducing the overall transmission of the full spectrum of light. Glassprimer™ glass paint is one good example. Glass coatings can change the performance of glass ..More

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New film can make any glass “smart”

Listings Of Painting contractors - Forum - Inspections & Maintenance - . Amorphous materials created at high temperatures tend to arrange themselves in dense, three-dimensional bonds. The researchers were able to determine that the new material, which is formed at lower temperatures, does not have the dense 3-D structure, but rather has a linear structure that allows ions to flow more freely through the material. Amorphous materials, on the other hand, contain local arrangements of atoms that differ based on the material. The discovery provided enough information to predict the behavior of the new material and allow the other team members to create it. Conventional materials adopt a uniform, crystalline structure that is replicated throughout the material ..More

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Iconic Glass Structures – Flame Towers

Directory Listing Of commercial Painting contractors - Ask Away - Forum Pages - . . The glass used in the building façades is tinted both blue and orange, which allows the buildings to show a fire motif during daylight hours ..More

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Smog-eating glass coating could freshen cities

Service Expert master Painting companies - Service, Upgrade Blogs - But could a 3-mile high building be built? What would it look like?. . The fanciful part of this equation is the idea that the coated glass could be attached to a 3-mile-high building. Someday. It exists today. Arconic recently offered up its homage to The Jetsons, envisioning what a futuristic building might include in 2062 – 100 years after The Jetsons first hit the airwaves. If materials engineering company Arconic has its very futuristic way. The notion of a smog-eating coating isn’t fanciful ..More

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What price glass?

Local Painting companies - Service Repairman Forums - . In addition, it’s inexpensive, compared to other traditional façade materials like brick or granite. Glass buildings also permit more interior floor space than buildings that are designed to use traditional building materials. . Glass is particularly attractive as a construction material because it can be fabricated off-site and shipped to the building under construction ..More

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